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INDUSTRIAL AND MARINE SERVICESIndustrial Maintenance and construction, offshore and harbor works

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FTS (FT Services) exists since August 2004, but our activities started effectively in 2005, and we have already moved to S.A.R.L (Limited) by end 2006.

FT Services has been created to supply an assortment of quite good global solutions in Maintenance and Construction for Companies in the Industrial and Marine sector.

FT Services Sarl founded her proposal both on good knowledge of Standards and Technical Rules on one hand, and on other hand on good level of qualification of worker available. We thus can provide to Client good Procedure, Equipment and Skills required for his job or project.

FT Services Sarl is willing to provide to his Client good knowledge and, long experience and skills in technical and project management aspects acquired by his team during many years on Industrial and Offshore Works here and there.


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